Here you will find all of our past projects split into categories for ease of viewing. 
If you would like more information please click on the design name, 
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Children’s Furniture

Rocking Motorbike
  • Rocking Motorbike 
  • Sand & Water Play area 
  • Craft Storage Cart 
  • Kitchen stool/helper with safety rails 

Desks And Tables

Desk “B”
  • Desk “B” & variations 
  • Desk “H” 
  • Coffee table “C” 
  • Artist/Drawing Board 
  • Outdoor Bar 
  • “Square” Dining Table 
  • “Round” Dining Table 
  • Epic Fire-starter Desk 
  • Large Corner Desk 
  • Zigzag Concept

Bed Frames

Floating Bed
  • Jute Frame
  • Floating Bed
  • Modern four poster

Storage Units

  • The Coat Cupboard
  • Tron Inspired Bedside Table
  • Simple Bookcase
  • Modular/Stack-able Cubes
  • Modular/Stack-able TV Unit
  • Corner Unit
  • Under Sink Unit

Tabletop Products

  • Flat-pack Laptop Stand
  • Adjustable Laptop Stand
  • Phone Stand
  • Tablet Stand
  • Book Stand
  • Games Console Cooling Tray 

Adult Themed Designs

We have decided to keep these items in private and but we are happy to discuss.

For information regarding these products please contact me to discuss these items.